Moving On…

Things I Will Miss:

My family, having my own room, my friends, summer nights on the lake, my wardrobe, my car, the piano, my mom’s conscientious vegetarian cooking, someone to catch me when I fall, my dad’s hugs, our TiVo and theater system (superficial, but sheesh), my brother’s endless questions, being able to dance in my room with no one watching, my sister’s laugh, our little neighbor friend, Montana rain.

Things I’m Looking Forward To:

New friends, a school where I feel I’ll really belong, city life, colors, so many things to do, New England leaves, music, college life, literary readings, classes I can’t wait to take, a city where I am considered very normal, art galleries, opportunities, my own life, freedom, baseball games, interesting people, a chance to explore who I really am, amazing food and coffee, shopping, diversity of people.

What are you looking forward to this school year?

♪Alexi Murdoch – Away We Go Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Blue Mind♪



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