Can I Speak Without a Natural Disaster Occurring?…

To describe how I have been feeling the past few days and all that has gone on is a bit impractical, not to mention if I would spend all that time, it would take weeks to write it all down. Maybe I will do it in short spurts and eventually it will all get written down.

So instead, I’m doing five things I have done in the past week. (Or things that I have happened to me.)

5. Hurricane Irene

In Montana, we don’t have hurricanes. Just nasty blizzards and overheating in the summer. So this was very fun. Luckily, I was at college during this point and we were a bit away from the coast so everything was okay.

4. School has begun

Sarah Lawrence has an interesting and somewhat complicated registration system. Instead of normally handing in a paper and knowing you will get into your class if not too many people sign up, you have to interview every teacher you’re thinking about taking a class from. And then, since they are small classes, if you don’t get into them you have to do it all over again.

As if a hurricane wasn’t enough.

3. The city

I spent a few days in the city with my parents before heading off to school in Bronxville. I think that might be my next post, so you can see all the lovely pictures my mother insisted on taking even though I hate pictures more than really anything.

2. Getting settled

I’m sure once classes start and I begin getting into the swing of things, I will be less grumpy and sarcastic and enjoying life to a much greater extent. But I haven’t had a lot of sleep and that tends to render everything I write into something twisted and mean.

So I am ready to be settled.

1. Which brings me to my next point…

Between 5-4, I am really tired.

What have you been up to? Were you in Irene’s path?



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