Back to Living on My Own…

I haven’t lived on my own since Italy, and it’s kind of weird doing it again. And this time, I have to put up with my own crappy cooking because I’m cooking for myself and I don’t have a roommate who could pass as a pro chef.

So, after almost a week on my own, I can conclude that I:

5. Hate cleaning even more than I remember.

4. Love school more than I remember.

3. Miss an excellent Italian cappuccino. (You can get a good one in the city, I’ve found.)

2. Have already lost about five pounds because I hate cooking so much.

1. Find living in a dorm is a lot easier than an apartment in Venice.

Anyway, I’m back to classes and look forward to a new year of learning.

Are you guys happy to be back at school? What’s the thing you hate most about living on your own?

♪ The National – The National – Watching You Well ♪



2 thoughts on “Back to Living on My Own…

  1. just catching up on your adventure–great pictures, and I’m glad you were out of Irene’s way. I’m a little bit envious, and very much excited for you. I’m not a big fan of cooking, either. There’s a line of health food convenience foods called Amy’s and I buy many of their products. In fact, I should buy stock in the company. Have thought of you often. You probably already have called your mom many times, but if you haven’t, you should. that first couple of weeks after we dropped Mel off, every phone call was like gold!

    • Thank you so much for thinking of me! I’ve been checking out your blog to find out how school has been going for you, too!

      I’ll check out Amy’s. It’s would be nice to have some good, healthy food.

      And yes, my mother is now a big fan of texting. I usually hear from her every now and then. She’s as busy as I am, anymore. 🙂

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