Kindle vs. Book…

Alright. I’ll admit it. I love my Kindle.

I bought most of my books I need for school this semester on my Kindle. When I want to read something I look to see if it’s on the Kindle store. I love the idea you can have hundreds of books right there.

But honestly, I love regular books, too. There’s nothing like curling up with a good book next to the fireplace (or in my soon-to-be reality, the dorm heater) and flipping the pages slowly and just enjoying what you’re reading.

So I’ve made a list of the benefits of both.


~You never run out of reading material. If you are stuck somewhere and have nothing to read, you can simply buy something online.

~A lot of the classics are free. You could pretty much read for nothing if you wanted.

~So many books! If I had bought all the books required for this semester, my dorm room would have absolutely no space at all.

~It’s easier to read a long book. I love huge, thick books…that I want to read. Unfortunately, in school, we often get assigned gigantic books we aren’t particularly excited about (i.e. Moby Dick). On a Kindle, it’s so much easier to read them because you don’t have a thousand pages left to go. You can see your progress, but it’s less tangible and intimidating.

~I love the selection of the online store. They have a lot of books on the market, and it’s really easy to start another as soon as you finish.


~Because it’s so easy to buy another book immediately, I find I don’t spend as much time thinking about a story after I’ve read it. After I close the back cover of a book, though, I find myself thinking about what the author’s intent was much more.

~I know you’re not supposed to, but I do judge books by their covers (which is why we spend so much time working on them before our books are released). You can sort of see the covers on Amazon, but it’s not like seeing them as they actually are.

~I love walking through campus and looking at the titles of what my peers are reading. It gives me an idea of what I might want to start next and it’s nice to know what other people my age are reading.

~The smell of the bookstore is the best smell in the world.

~I love the feel of a book, especially one of my favorites. I love holding one and marking my place with my finger or a bookmark. There’s something special between an actual book and a person. It feels like a real relationship.

What do you like better? Do you own a Kindle? If you had to choose between the two, what would you pick?


♪ Bob Dylan – The Essential Bob Dylan – You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere ♪


2 thoughts on “Kindle vs. Book…

  1. I have a Nook. I LOVE it.
    There’s nothing like checking out books in a bookstore though. It’s so fun. I used to LOVE it. Where I live now, there aren’t really any cool bookstores. Mostly stores with school books and Christian books.
    Though I’m all about going green, and carrying around thousands of books on one cool little piece of machinery, I have a soft spot for bookstores with DT (dead tree) books.

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