A BA, No Job, No Problem…

I read an article on The New York Times  website recently (unfortunately, couldn’t find the link) about how getting jobs after college is tougher…and tougher.

But the interesting about this is today’s graduates are doing something different and enjoying it. They’re joining rock bands or writing novels and working a part time job. They’re traveling by couch-surfing or doing volunteer work instead of going straight to a paying career.

I couldn’t help but draw some parallels to my own life and situation. Here I am at a prestigious school, going to graduate in two years, and I still have no idea what I am going to do after I get out.

I may have panicked and, erm, texted my mother freaking out a bit.

“I should have decided to be a lawyer instead of a penniless writer!” I cried.

“What kind of law would you practice?” Mother asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t even want to be a lawyer in the first place!”

At these conversations, I can imagine my mother rolling her eyes and turning back to something delicious she’s cooking.

And then I roll my eyes back at her when she isn’t looking.

To me, growing up is scary enough, without the added fear of not being able to find a job or finding out that the last few years you spent keeping up your GPA were really for no reason at all. I’m trying to step outside of my comfort zone and realize that I can’t personally change the economy, nor will I have a first choice on what job I have right out of college or not.

But I can choose to do something different. Something that feels right for me. You only live once—and this might be an opportunity to do something you really love.

How are you dealing with the economy? Did you end up in a different career than you thought you would? How can young people be successful today?

♪ Angus & Julia Stone – Down the Way (Bonus Track Version) – Big Jet Plane ♪



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