What’s Going On…

I keep thinking that someday I am going to wake up and have everything figured out. I actually get disappointed when my alarm wakes me up in the morning and I’m in my dorm room.


I’m beginning to love Tuesdays because I scheduled that day off to do grocery shopping and homework and…laundry. Sigh.

My family was thinking I would fly back for Thanksgiving, but after looking at flight prices I realized it would be cheaper for me to fly to Paris than fly home. I might just stay and have canned yams.

I continue to lose weight, speaking of, because I hate cooking and the food in the cafeteria is mediocre at best. So, canned everything has been my major food group. Along with various snacks.

I also have a ridiculous amount of homework that never seems to be done. It’s like if I had a child and they wore diapers. It never ends. Not saying homework is like crap…actually, no, I am.

I’m expecting my book cover any day, and honestly, my paranoia is starting to annoy everyone. I’m already a bit of a constant phone checker (it’s a disease), and now I’m even worse than I was before.

Classes are going well and I’m loving this school. If you are thinking of coming to Sadie Lou, however, do remember to bring lots of caffeinated beverages and ibuprofen because your head will hurt with all the learning. It’s a fantastical, mind-altering (non-weed induced) experience and I’m glad I’m here.

How are you doing? How has school been going for you? Are your classes tough?

“At Sarah Lawrence, I found all that I was looking for at the time—freedom to come and go, to read leisurely, to go my own way, dress my own way, and conduct my personal life as I saw fit.” ~Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple

♪ The Head and the Heart – The Head and the Heart – Honey Come Home ♪



2 thoughts on “What’s Going On…

  1. Hi Lovely!
    I’m actually homework procrastinating right now. 😛
    my classes are crazy busy but not that hard (or maybe the busy part comes from the 2 jobs I’m working, plus the play and a Bible study. or maybe not).
    I got a 94 on my first speech; doing the 2nd one tomorrow.
    and 97 on my first French exam! Merci, extra credit!! lol 🙂
    miss you and our coffee dates! I will have to plan a little excursion to NY soon;)
    oh. and I loved your homework/diapers analogy. So true.

    • Thanks, dear. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well and that school is busy but good. Congrats on your good test scores. And yes, come visit. I’ll be here, obviously, though it looks like I’m coming home for Thanksgiving. 🙂

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