Hitting a Creative Wall is Hard (Pun Intended)…

I’d like to think I’m a fairly creative person. And that when I sit down, words just flow like beer on a Friday night at the Sarah Lawrence unwind parties I always hear about but assume are myth because they’re never seen.

Erm, but that seems to not always be the case.

Especially when I sat down to write a poem that was due this week.

All I could think of was where I could get a copy of Beauty and the Beast because the songs were stuck in my head. (I would say maybe that’s why I’m not invited to these mythological parties, but SLC has a cult-like obsession with Disney movies. The more I am at this school, the more normal I feel.)

I was just about to hit a wall when I ran across this:

tumblr_ls29pw6BFY1qj6juso1_500I realized I needed to pretty much do all of these things, but mostly #18, #25, and #29.

Sylvia Plath once said (before she offed herself, obviously):

“Your worst enemy is self-doubt.”

What do you do to stay creative?  Any of the things on this list? What would you add?


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