Anonymous Movie…

I’m sure most Shakespeare fans have heard of the new movie Anonymous coming out this fall. It is centered around the Shakespearean authorship that I wrote about here.

I always feel kind of guilty writing about this stuff, because I really do not have a very strong opinion on things either way (life story).

When I was still in school in Montana, our professor actually had the man who wrote the script come and talk to us about it. I don’t remember much because it was almost two years ago, but I had already had my book contract and I began wondering if everything I had written about was wrong.


It took a while, but eventually I came to the point with my writing and my book where I realized I wasn’t wrong in writing about something I thought was true and right. And just because others didn’t agree with me didn’t mean I was the w-word (wrong).

I’m planning on seeing this movie to get a new perspective, but I’m not going to take it personally if some of the ideas presented in it contradict what I believe or what I have written.

As with all fiction, what I have written is a novel. I think has a good definition of “fiction”:

an imaginary thing or event, postulated for the purposed of argument or explanation.

Are you going to see Anonymous? What are you planning to take out of it? What’s your take on the authorship debate?

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3 thoughts on “Anonymous Movie…

  1. I said to a friend of mine once, “When i get to heaven, one of the first questions I’m going to ask is whether or not Shakespeare really wrote all those plays.” There was a dead pause. Then she said, “You really need to get a life.” (note that I sounded sure I would get to heaven. and that there is a heaven. whatever.)

    My undergrad Shakespeare professor said that people who question that WS really wrote those plays and poems are just snobs. They think only someone with a formal education would be able to write so well. My own personal opinion is that if deVere did write them, the secret would have gotten out. At other times when similar things have happened, it has been well-known among those who are “in the know” who really did the writing. The truth would have come out, if not immediately, then at some point along the way.

    But I certainly haven’t read the book Andie brought you, or any of the other ones either, because bottom line, nobody really knows. I think. Maybe. 🙂 I saw Elvis at the mall today, too.

    • I think that’s a very reasonable thing to ask!

      I agree that I think the news would eventually get out, but then again, I’m just writing what I know. And that’s not as much as I would like. 🙂

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