In Which Alex Heads to the Met…

I knew this school would be challenging (probably because it says “academically rigorous” right on the website), but I didn’t know that I would have so little free time. Even when I do, I find myself reading books or watching movies people from different classes tell me I have to because it will “greatly influence” my writing. Or something like that.

But I didn’t just move to New York to sit in my dorm room all year and do homework. I could have done that anywhere. So I decided to take a day off and go do something I’ve been wanting to since I got here.

DP145946DP218568DP130999DT11DP223869sf 42.176a-dDT1583ma1987.88.RDT40DT45DT1565I went to the Met to get some inspiration. Did it work? We’ll just say yes.

Have you been to the Met? Do art galleries help you with inspiration? What has been your favorite museum?



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