What’s Going On…

I’ve had a very interesting life these past few weeks, I’m not going to lie.

And I’m not going to lie and say that moving to New York has been a completely fantastic and beautiful experience for me. It’s been bittersweet, which I am discovering is a lot like the city itself. To say I fell in love immediately with the city would be lying. It’s been more like a meet-cute in a romantic comedy. At first you don’t know what you feel about the person until you’ve spent a little time with them and they slowly grow on you.

Classes and homework and life can be bitter: I’m taking a class in Ancient Greek art, a fiction writing class, and a poetry class. At Sarah Lawrence, you are required to write a conference paper at the end of semester—kind of like a mini-thesis. For my Greek class, I was surprised when I was reading Hesiod’s work that what I really wanted to write about was feminism during that time and in the mythology. I would say I’m kind of a closet-feminist, so it wouldn’t have been my first topic, but I’m loving it.

I had a critique in both my fiction class and my poetry class the past few days. I know I haven’t had a ton of experience in having my poetry worked on, so I didn’t mind getting that ripped apart so much. It was my fiction piece (which I KNOW needed work) that I was kind of upset about. It added to my whole self-doubt thing that I dedicated a few posts about.

Not to mention, I received a rejection letter for a story I submitted to a magazine months ago.

To be honest, it was a bit of a tough week.

Enter brownies and happier moments: And then, good things began to happen again. I found out I made lit review staff at the school (not in my first choice position, but it sounded like they had to turn down quite a few people), I received a mysterious package in the mail from my cousin, and I had a major surprise I had been waiting for…

The mysterious package happened to be a batch of brownies my cousin Derin had overnighted over to New York from Denver. They are absolutely delicious and it made my day. It was totally unexpected and sweet.

BrowniesAnd most exciting of all…MY BOOK COVER IS FINALLY HERE!

I will be able to post it on here pretty soon. We have to make some adjustments and I have to choose a proof I like best (which is turning out to be hard), but I am so excited.

All these things keep reminding me that life is a bittersweet experience. You have to take it day by day and remember to enjoy it while you can.

What have you been up to? What experiences have been both bitter and sweet for you? Have any advice?

♪ Mumford & Sons – BBC Radio Session – Wagon Wheel ♪



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