Ten Things that Make Me Terribly Happy…

1. Hot coffee (hot enough to burn my tongue).

2. My favorite movies after a long day of homework and school.

3. Getting a letter from someone I love.

4. Opening a new book (smells and sounds so good).

5. Seeing my own book on Amazon.DSCN4737edit

6. A crisp, Granny Smith apple.

7. My doggie curling up next to me for a nap (miss her a lot).

8. A new favorite song.

9. Seeing the leaves change colors.

10. Spending a day writing and falling into my own world.

What are your ten things?

♪ The Decemberists – Castaways and Cutouts – Odalisque ♪



6 thoughts on “Ten Things that Make Me Terribly Happy…

  1. i love this photo! and your ten things…i hope it is okay if repost the photo (giving you credit, of course!). keep up the great writing!

  2. Hi! I stumbled across this and love it.

    I have actually just recently started a log based upon this exact idea: taking the ten things that make you happiest and turning them into a list to share.

    I would love it to share this list [or if you would like to create a new one] on my blog!

    My only hope is that you would re-order your list based upon decreasing size [ideas are bigger than a book or a special fork in your kitchen].

    Please let me know if you would like to be involved. Thank you!!


    • Hey Thom,

      Thanks for asking and I would love to be a part of what you’re doing. Though I must insist on books being a top ten thing, since they do tend to occupy my time quite a bit. 😉


      • Awesome! That’s totally fine! I only meant that ideas and such will be number 1 and then books would be “smaller” in the size scale, ha! Books are definitely on my list too.

        Thanks so much for being a part. Just send your list my way whenever you have the time. Feel free to suggest it to friends, too! I would love to have more and more join in on the joy!

        You can send it to:


        Thanks again!

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