What’s Going On…

Life has been really weird lately. It seems like I start having an awesome day and something happens to try and throw it all off. However, I will not be deterred. I will conquer! Erm…

We had a few days of break to get caught up on our homework because we are given voluminous amounts. I have a ten page paper to work on right after this, complete with a few books I need to read and an outline to finish. And this is a light weekend. I was going to go to the city last weekend, but I got tied down with stuff I needed to do, not to mention, my back started spasming  like it does when I’m super stressed.

Things Adding to Alex’s Stress Level

~The lit review is doing a reading on November 3rd where, as editors, we’re supposed to read our work aloud in front of a group of our peers. (Insert four-letter word.)

~I realized my book is coming out in almost five months.

~A pipe burst in our ceiling today. I had to put out a pot to catch the water and call Operations.

~This gigantic paper that can’t be BSed.

~The realization that semester is half over already. After much deliberation, my family decided to send me home for Thanksgiving. (That’s not stressful. That’s nice.)

Things Making Me Happy

~My fiction instructor says I am doing very well and likes my work. She mentioned I am really growing as a writer and she sees potential for my work to become literary fiction as well as commercial—and hopefully I can merge the two.

~I realized my book is coming out in almost five months.

~I received a letter from my father (he sends one every few days) and my roommate, Ruthie, from Italy. I love getting old-fashioned snail mail and I love hearing from people back home. It made my day.

~The apartment complex kicked on the heater today. It feels so good to lean against it and admire the colors outside my window.

~And yes, I’m coming home for Thanksgiving—my favorite holiday.

What’s been going on for you? What’s your favorite part of fall?

♪ Paul Klein – Time Away – Candles and Wine ♪



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