In Honor of Halloween…

We were in poetry class the other day, marveling at our guest, Monica Youn. She’s a National Book Award Finalist who came to our classroom to talk about her book, Ignatz. (I totally fell in love with it.)

The subject of her book is obsessive love and she mentioned one of the reasons she chose a cartoon character to base it off of was because she liked the simplicity and she wouldn’t want to do a book about Dracula.

I, however, would.

And so, I’ve been working on a chapbook of poetry based on Dracula. It’s extremely nerdy and a little strange (not to mention a little embarrassing), but I thought I would share a poem I wrote with you.

Dracula on the Screen

so poised poisoned throats may bear

the juxtaposition of hollow highs


scene fades in


black is black is black is


oil. is the concerto played by violins

soothing to your vibrations in the

corner of the room.


cataclysmic catharsis cut clearly by

ketchup at the nape


scene fades out


white is white is white is


your O devouring,

punctuated by two killer commas




The more I have been in class, the more I realize I relate to minimalist poetry the most. Funny how your tastes change.

In other news, if it stops snowing soon (PLEASE), my roommates and I might head to the West Village Halloween night for a gigantic costume parade.

What are you doing for Halloween?

♪ Meg Baird – Dear Companion – Dear Companion ♪



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