A Pretty Exciting (and Frightening) Fact…

After looking at the date today, I realized my first novel, Shakespeare’s Lady, will be out in about three months (or four—depending on whether you count the current month or not).

As you can imagine, I am pretty excited and thrilled that it will be out in theshakes_bday_2009-1 world. I wrote the book when I was seventeen and still a kid, and it’s been amazing watching the story grow through the editing process and through my own maturity. (At least, I would like to think I am more mature.)

And people who are out there (because I know you are), I would like to get your opinion on what I should do for promotional stuff. Should I have a few giveaways? A gift basket? A party?

What sounds like fun to you? And how would you like to celebrate it?

Please leave your comments! (And yes, I know the picture says “Happy Birthday,” but let’s assume it’s Shakespeare’s Lady’s birthday!)

♪ The Decemberists – Long Live the King – EP – Row Jimmy ♪



7 thoughts on “A Pretty Exciting (and Frightening) Fact…

  1. Haha, congratulations! We are still about a year away from publication. I would say our novel is a toddler. It’s no longer a baby but still learning the basics of grammar. I have a new appreciation for editors after writing a book. Have you considered doing a blog tour for your launch? There’s a free one in February with Adopt an Indie and I’ve had good experiences as a Novel Publicity blog host, (in the interest of full disclosure, I now work for Novel Publicity).

    -Eliabeth Hawthorne

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