Book One Playlist…

Since I seem to be on a music-kick lately, I thought I would highlight some songs I listened to while writing my first book. I think music is very important in shaping our thoughts—and so I think this music helped shape SL. In secret-confession-sharing-time, I would admit that if I wasn’t a writer, I would be a singer/songwriter. Don’t tell my father because neither pay the bills as much as he would like.

Anyway, here were some songs and albums I listened to while I was working on Shakespeare’s Lady

Barenaked Ladies, Gordon

If you know me at all, you would know BNL pretty much dominates my playlist most the time, especially in the fall. So when I wrote the second half of the book and avoided my friends and family for about three months, I had a few songs constantly on repeat from this album.

Check out: Blame it on Me, What a Good Boy, and Brian Wilson

Elton John, Madman Across the Water

I went through a stage where all I listened to is Elton John. And it wasn’t a small stage, either. It drove my mother crazy because I would play the piano constantly and it was ALWAYS Elton John. I think in some ways I ruined him for her—and she was the one who introduced Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player.

Check out: Madman Across the Water, Levon, and Tiny Dancer.

Arcade Fire, Funeral

In 2009, NO one had heard of Arcade Fire. And when I mentioned it, my Montanan friends would look like me like I was an alien and continue to talk about this new country singer named Taylor Swift. That was the world I lived in, people.

Check out: Haiti, In the Backseat, and Wake Up.

The Beatles, White Album

I think BNL and The Beatles are tied in my favorite band category. I don’t think anyone realizes how much I really do love them, because my sister is obsessed and it’s much easier to acknowledge obsession than love. I owned only a few songs from this album (and have since completed it), but they changed everything for me.

Check out: Rocky Raccoon, Blackbird, and Mother Nature’s Son.

 Death Cab for Cutie, Narrow Stairs

This one makes me cringe a little now. Not that their music isn’t good. It’s just so predictable of a moody teenager locked in her room. What’s even more embarrassing is that sometimes I cannot get Cath… out of my head and you know the only way you can get a song out of you head is to listen to it. And now it’s there again…

Check out: Grapevine Fires, I Will Possess Your Heart, and Cath…

What are your favorite albums? Have any helped your writing?

♪ The Decemberists – 5 Songs – EP – Oceanside ♪ (And they dominate my third book.)



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