What’s Going On…

I’m all re-registered for a new semester and that means it’s time to start doing homework once again.

After registration, I ended up with a class on Medieval art and religion, a fiction class, and a Jane Austen literature course. So far, I like all of them and I think it will be a really cool semester. I tried to pick some classes I knew I could handle with the added stress of the book and lit review coming out and I’m happy with what I ended up with.

It’s been a fairly quiet start to the semester. Two of my roommates are gone, which is sad because I grew fond of them in our crowded, funny apartment. One of them is still at SLC so we’re planning on hanging out, but one of them was not able to come back. Lila knew the best movies and was a great suitemate, so we already miss her.

We had a meeting for the lit review this Monday, and it looks as though the majority of the work this semester will be after the book release. I think that’s a good thing, considering I don’t know what else will be going on during that time. I’m thinking about holding a few book giveaways and some other stuff, as well. If you have some more ideas or would like to see a book giveaway, let me know.

Also, if you’re looking for a writing conference this year, I would recommend going to Mount Hermon. I think I’ll be sponsoring the teen award again this year, so if you want to win a hundred bucks, learn a lot about writing, and have some laughs, I would try to go to that conference.

I am so excited for the release of Shakespeare’s Lady! Only twelve days! (But who’s counting?)

What have you been up to?

♪ Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues – The Shrine / An Argument ♪



2 thoughts on “What’s Going On…

    • It was! It would be fun to take a class entirely on the Crusades. Sometimes this course feels a bit overly-ambitious, but we’ll see what we can accomplish in sixteen weeks.

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