I Love the Postal System…

Yeah. Something kind of big happened to me today.


♪ Oasis – (What’s the Story) Morning Glory – Champagne Supernova ♪



One thought on “I Love the Postal System…

  1. I received the uncorrrected proof of this book from Summerside Press, I decided to try to review it. I have never been a Shakespeare fan of any of his work.

    Emilia is one of the most beautiful ladies at court when she met William Shakespeare and they fall in love. They had their ups and downs as all married people do. They do stay together and have to fight for their lives before they found their way from the London streets to the throne room of Greenwich Court to the stage of The Globe Theater where William begin his career as a poet alone with his lady Emilia who had expired him to do his best work.
    As we all know William Shakespeare became a poet in the history books and he is stutied in all school, but as always there was a woman behind this famous man urging him on, and that lady was Emilia Bassano.

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