Things I Love About New York…


I don’t really consider myself a New Yorker yet. I’ve only been here six months, and I’ve been told that you’re not a “true New Yowker” unless you were born here. That said, I’ve been enjoying my time in the Big Apple and have found a few things I absolutely love about it.

5. Anything you’ve ever wanted is here.

Vintage stores, vinyl, old bookstores, new bookstores, a cupcake store (yeah, you read that right—a store only for cupcakes), thick crust, traditional thin crust, zoos, theaters, museums…

I could go on.

4. Concerts.

Everyone eventually comes through New York, so it’s very likely you will get to see your favorite artists at some point in time. I just missed Paul McCartney, but I’m hoping he’ll be back so I can cross it off my bucket list.

3. (In the same vein) There’s always something going on.

It’s hard to hit it all. When I went to The Nutcracker ballet at the Lincoln Center, outside the premiere for War Horse was going on. On one weekend, there might be a dozen events that you want to attend.

2. The public transportation system.

In Montana, I would have to drive everywhere, and I am not a big driver. I loved my car, but it was always a pain to have to fill up on gas and drive my siblings around. I love being able to pop on a train or subway and not worry if I’m going to cause my insurance to rise.

1. People.

I know people think New Yorkers are extremely rude, but I’ve found a lot of them aren’t. No, no one is going to smile at you as you pass them on the street, nor will ask how you are doing this lovely spring day, but if they did that every time they came in contact with someone, it would be exhausting. If you need help, I’ve found people are more than willing to point you in the right direction or tell you their favorite restaurant.

I don’t know if I will end up living here, but I’m enjoying my time in New York for school and all it has to offer.

Have you been to New York? What’s your favorite part? What’s awesome about your city?

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