Just a Little Poetry…

90’s Music Only Did Me Harm

“It’s a matter of instinct, a matter of conditioning, a matter of fact.” ~Barenaked Ladies

You were the only one I knew

who loved Brian Wilson.

The song. Not the person.

And so we were staring at cerulean ceiling tiles

trying to make sense of things

in italiano. Your tongue ticking

the last ‘a’ of my name

and asking why I sawed it off.

Stuffing snow inside skin

and saying my temperature would

not change. I was still in the icebox.

Yes, you left the blood spot

settled on porcelain. Gave me the

Run Around and asked

who would be on the cover. Asked

which me I was going to be the

day the ruse caved in and my hand would

cramp, demanded

why I always chose a façade of

marble instead of flesh and mud.


I’m not a great poet, but it was fun to try something new last semester and write some poetry.



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