I Hate Valentine’s Day…

I’m sorry. But I do.

It just seemed to contrived to me. Like, if you were going to do a holiday, it should be Star Wars/candy/a marathon of something awesome-related. However, I guess I can’t argue hundreds of years of this celebration, so here’s how I am going to get by.

From now on, Valentine’s Day is officially this.

I’m going to rent this movie:

And I received a care package from my mom and dad with these goodies:


And with these weapons of mass holiday destruction, I think I will do just fine.

What are your plans for V-Day?



6 thoughts on “I Hate Valentine’s Day…

  1. Ha– I’m guessing that “my parents” who sent the care package is really “my mom,” and let me just say that she is a way more awesome mom than me. Mel got a text. 🙂

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