What’s Going On…

Things have been a little quieter since my parents dropped me off back at Sarah Lawrence. I’ve had some things I’ve had to do with school (like finish a paper, start my conference project, and get ready for the book release) but it’s amazing how silent the school gets during break.

Saw the Hunger Games. I am still trying to wrap my head around it. I had read the first two books of the series (and finished Mockingjay yesterday), but I went into the movie unsure of how I would like it. Even now, I’m still thinking it over and how it relates to the book. I feel mixed in general.

Anyway, my agent blogged about it here. I think she mentions some interesting points. So check it out!

Starting conference project. How do you get motivated to write a twenty-page paper? Mehhhhh.

Already getting ready for summer. Spring Break is really just a teaser in so many ways.

Book release. It’s almost here! Six days until Shakespeare’s Lady is out on shelves. I’m giving away two free copies and some necklaces from Something Silver here!

What did you guys think of The Hunger Games?



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