3 Days…


Until Shakespeare’s Lady is out on shelves. (You can win some free, signed copies and a pretty necklace from Something Silver here.)

It’s been a long journey, but the best kind of journey. I have learned so much and have been encouraged and helped by the best people in the world. I remember when I was a sixteen-year old kid and was first starting this story. I thought I would write a short letter to her in this post—letting her know that things will change.

Dear Sixteen-Year Old Alex,

Yeah, you’re a little crazy for starting to write a book. I know everyone thinks you are already a bit nerdy, but you are really going to get that within the next few years. The good thing? You’ll come to accept it.

I know you feel really unsure about this. I mean, you’re writing a novel for adults and you’re still just a kid. You still watch Disney movies! (Erm, that habit won’t go away.) I know it feels a bit overwhelming, but you’ve already started…and that’s the hardest part.

In truth, you need this book. You’ve always wanted to be a writer and here is your chance. Don’t blow it.

I’m not going to tell you the future, but I will tell you that things get better. You will get better. You’re going to travel the world and see some amazing things—and discover that the nerdy girl you are isn’t so bad at all.

Take care of yourself. And double space your manuscript, because if you don’t, that novel will be 800 pages instead of 400.

Love from your twenty-year old self,



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