Yes, I Am a Yankees Fan…

Please don’t throw anything at me.

But I am a huge Yankees fan and have been since I was thirteen or so. I love baseball. I’m not much of a sports fan, but baseball I held onto coming from Montana, where our educational system is second only to the great world of sporting (kidding, kind of). Though I never got into football, basketball, hockey, skijoring, dog sledding, curling, skiing, snowboarding, waterskiing, cow tipping (only once), or shooting, I have a definite fondness for baseball.

The rest of my family are die-hard Mariners fans.

Now before you laugh, because the poor Mariners get laughed at enough, understand that we living in an area where the nearest professional team is about nine hours away by car.

And the nearest team is the Mariners.

When I was a kid, my dad entered us into this contest where we would get to rake Safeco field at the seventh inning stretch. When we won, we journeyed out to Seattle and got to meet some of the players. We walked on Safeco in front of a crowd of thousands, showing up on the big jumbo screen.

And I think that therefore solidified my love of baseball.

And John Olerud. Who was traded to the Yankees.

So how did I become a hated Yankee fan?

I think it was the baseball tradition. The Yankees have it and the Mariners don’t. Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra. It’s not so much the Yankees themselves right now (though I do love Nick Swisher), it’s what they have come to represent. On my first day in New York, I had my parents take me to a game so I could walk the Yankee Hall of Fame.

I will always love the Mariners (and my family—kind of obligated). They are what brought me the love of the game. And I will always love the Yankees for keeping my love.

(And lets face it. A few wins now and then makes the game itself so much less painful.)

What sports do you follow? Does your family have a sporting tradition?



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