Upcoming Movies Based on Books…

I don’t know about you, but I usually prescribe to the fact that the movie can never be as good as the actual book. Yes, I am a snob that way. However, there are some trailers that have been released lately that look interesting.

First is Les Miserables, which is one of my very favorite books of all time. I remember reading the beginning with my French instructor for the first time, loving the dismal setting and the themes. (Betrayal! Sacrifice! Unrequited love!) I am an Anne Hathaway fan, but I will have to actually see the movie to know how I feel about her in it. And Russell Crowe as Javert? Not quite sure what to think of that.

The second movie I want to see is The Great Gatsby. From the look of the trailer, they really changed how I pictured Gatsby in my mind—which, I’ll be honest, was a lot more realistic and less gonzo-ed up. But I think the departure from how it has been done in the past is a really good thing and I might be a lot more accepting of it because it is so different.

And yes. It would be sacrilegious not to include The Hobbit. As a warning, I am a nerd and I love the BBC Sherlock (and I do have a crush on Martin Freeman), so I may be more partial to this than most people. We’ll see if this crush survives a hobbit costume. (Let’s be honest, it probably will.)

Did I miss any? What movies are you excited to see?

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3 thoughts on “Upcoming Movies Based on Books…

  1. I’m really looking forward to Austenland. I haven’t seen any news on it except one behind the scenes clip, a ‘website coming soon’ page, and a few old announcements on the cast and crew. The lack of news or trailers is driving me a bit batty. :\

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