25 Before 25 (#21)…

As part of my 25 Before 25 #21 is a big one! The day after my 21st birthday (coincidence? I think not), I decided to cross one more exciting adventure off my list. A bit of bucket-listing, a bit of awesomeness.


21. Go skydiving.

Needless to say, it was an amazing experience.

Have you ever been skydiving? Is it something you would ever want to do?

♪ Pajaro Sunrise – Pájaro Sunrise – Sunday Morning Birds (Singin’ Hallelujah) ♪



4 thoughts on “25 Before 25 (#21)…

  1. I want to go skydiving so bad. My boyfriend and I are thinking about going in the future. Looks like you had a blast. =) Happy belated birthday by the way!

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