What’s Going On…

Crazy to think, but summer is starting to wrap up! I can’t believe I will be headed back to school in just a few weeks. I’m starting to decide what I need to pack up and get ready for when I head back to Sarah Lawrence (finding I’m shipping just as many books back to school as I shipped home—this addiction is clearly unhealthy).

I’m still trying to fit in a few fun things before summer is officially over, though. My sister and I are headed down to a Dylan concert in a few days. You can read about my first ever Dylan experience here. I am expecting it to be nearly as epic and nearly as exhausting. (Lesson learned: coffee, coffee, coffee.)

I’m also paddling some dragon boats within the next few days. I have never paddled anything of this nature. You can check that out here.

I’ve been working on the Casanova book this summer in between everything going on. I hit the forty-five thousand word mark this last week, and hope to keep up the pace until I head back to school.

How are you celebrating the last days of summer?

♪ Great Lake Swimmers – Great Lake Swimmers – Moving, Shaking ♪



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