Penguin, Random House, Hurricane, Oh My…

The past few days have been a whirlwind. (Sorry to be so literal.) Everyone at school made it safely through the hurricane with only a slight bit of bruising. My heart goes out to so many others who have had no electricity, flooding, or their homes ruined by the hurricane. At the same time, I’m proud of New York for staying strong and dealing with the situation the best it can—especially considering that hurricanes are not usually an issue dealt with in the past.

Today I thought I would talk about another big occurrence that has taken the publishing world by storm. (Seriously done now.) It was announced in the midst of the hurricane that Penguin and Random House publishing would be merged into a big old colossus—and that it would become the biggest publisher in the United States, usurping HarperCollins.

Though this has just been announced, I’m sure the majority of us have already jumped to worst possible scenario. That fewer and fewer authors are going to find someone interested in publishing their work. With imprints folding and the big publishers taking over (and we all know the reality of landing a contract with a big publisher isn’t super likely for everyone), it can be easy to feel as though things are turning a bit apocalyptic.

I just want to assure everyone that it’s going to be okay.

Like Sandy, we’ll all get through it. We’ll make adjustments in order to fit the industry we’re working in and we’ll find our niches again. Like life, the publishing world is changing, and, like life, we all reconfigure ourselves in order to move forward.

I have great confidence in our generation of writers. We’re creative people. If anyone can figure out a great solution to the problems our industry is facing then it is the creative people.

What do you worry about most? Do you think this merger will be an issue for you?

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2 thoughts on “Penguin, Random House, Hurricane, Oh My…

  1. I have been hearing lots about Sandy on the radio and stuff (it even affected my boss who was going to be gone for 2 weeks recording in Albany) and you have been constantly on my mind and on my heart. ❤

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