When A Book Changes Things…

One of the best thing about books for me (maybe it is THE best) is that they change the way you see the world. Somehow, for me they are more powerful than any movie. There is something about being invested in the characters’ minds and hearts for hundreds of pages that makes them more real than simply watching them on a screen. (There are some exceptions, but most the time I will read a book over watching a movie.)

When you read a lot, or watch a lot of films, or listen to a lot of music, you can start to feel as though they are all the same, that you’ve been exposed to this before. So when you are exposed to a new work it can sometimes fall flat because you’ve already been so involved in so many stories. It’s like when you’re involved with a whole bunch of different projects or jobs—one or two are going to seem more exciting than the others. After a while, it takes something really special to remind you of how much you love what you are doing.

When you find that something, whether it’s a great song, a fantastic film, a delicious recipe, a wonderful book, or whatever, let it change you. Don’t be afraid to let it redefine your view of things. Laugh, cry, feel.

And isn’t it amazing to know that you’re always changing and always growing, and always redefining who you are as a human being?

What books/films/music/others have changed you?

♪ The Wailin’ Jennys – 40 Days – Beautiful Dawn ♪



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