Things I Will and Will Not be Optimistic About…

Optimism is really important to me. After a few sullen teenage years, I’d like to think I’ve gotten over the majority of those oh-so-awful blues between 13 and 19. I wasn’t a naturally optimistic person, but I’m starting to learn how to be. Here are some things I’ve learned to be optimistic about…and some that keep me firmly unenthused.

I’m optimistic about…

1. Mondays. I like them. They get me working again after the monotony of a lazy weekend.

2. My job. Somehow, even when things aren’t exactly panning out how I want them to, I know that if I work hard eventually to will turn out okay.

3. Politics. No matter who wins, eventually it will all sift out again.

4. Time passing quickly. This is something that can be both a good and bad thing—but whenever I am in a situation that I’m not super happy about, it  helps to remind myself that it will be over before I know it.

5. Cheese. It never lets me down no matter how cheap it is.

6. The future. I have this theory that if you look for opportunities, they will come.

7. Concert tickets. I always get them no matter how popular the band. I have no idea why this is.

I’m skeptical about…

1. The weather. It never is what the weather station reports.

2. Coffee. If I’m free-loving with my cheese, I’ve been dating the same coffee drink for three years now. Cappuccini are easy to make, but how often do you get the perfect cup of coffee?

3. Love. I don’t date just to date (because it has to be someone really special who I will allow to mess up all my awesome, optimistic opportunities, plans, and future). And men are mostly idiots (sorry, men). I’m not really optimistic about my love life changing any time soon.

I’m more optimistic about life than not anymore, but I think it’s important that there are a few things we always remain a little unoptimistic about. (Because maybe then we’ll be proven wrong.)

What are you optimistic about? Non? Any on this list?

♪ Wake Owl – Gold – Single – Gold ♪



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