When I’m Ready to Come Home…

It helps me to think about three things I’m grateful for (we are close to T-Day after all). Sometimes these things change, but right now I’m extremely thankful for these three things.

3. That my family decided to fly me home

Thanksgiving is our favorite family holiday. Probably because we love to eat, laugh, and be together. I’m so happy they decided to send me home, even if it’s just for a few days.

2. Parks and Recreation

Usually when I have free time I pick up a good book (because I will never get to them all in time), but lately I’ve been watching Parks and Recreation because I literally just have to laugh—and laughing is probably my greatest stress reliever.

1. Comfort food

At this time in the semester, I’ve usually skipped meals, eaten terribly, or have acquired weird eating hours. That’s probably why I am super excited to go home and have some comfort food. Potatoes? Yes.

What helps you out when life gets crazy this time of year?


Clearly unhappy that T-Day is still a week away.

♪ Boy & Bear – Moonfire – Part Time Believer ♪



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