Getting Motivated…

I don’t know about you guys, but around this time in the semester, I really start to lose my motivation. This year has been even worse, partially because I am working more and it’s my last year of school. It’s so easy for me just to want to curl up with a good book and not worry about papers, exams, deadlines, or anything else. Here’s a list of things that help me stay on track.

5. A cup of coffee.

It seems like a small thing, but a cup of coffee or two really helps me in wanting to work again. Sitting down purposefully with one helps me a ton—like I feel like I’m going to accomplish something.

4. Good music.

I usually turn on a few of my favorite tunes to get me in the mood. Something upbeat enough that I feel like working, but not enough that I feel like having a minor dance party (that comes later).

3. Mini-breaks.

After I finish one thing on my to-do list, I usually take a bit of a break. I surf Pinterest, read a chapter of a good book, have (wait for it) a minor dance party. This little break keeps me from totally burning out.

2. Go out and do something.

When I’m really swamped and I’ve been swamped for a long time, I usually try and go out and do something fun. When you are really stuck, it can be defeatist just to sit around and wait to want to work again (I never do). Going out and doing something fun, even if it something small like taking a trip to Starbucks, helps a ton.

1. When you are done, treat yourself!

When I’ve accomplished something really big, like finishing all my projects for the semester, I treat myself to something really fun, like a concert or a play or a stack of books from the bookstore. After working so hard, it helps me to have something worth working for.

How do you guys get motivated to do something you don’t want to?

♪ The Avett Brothers – The Carpenter – I Never Knew You ♪



2 thoughts on “Getting Motivated…

  1. I also motivate myself in those ways–with a cup of coffee, music, and mini-breaks. Working towards a reward is also a very big motivation for me as well. It seems I usually get more work done when I have plans for the evening, such as hanging out with my boyfriend. When I don’t have any plans, I tend to procrastinate a bit more.

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