When You Don’t Have a Project…

I must admit, I am a bit at a loss.

Usually I have a book project kind of in the wings at this point in time. I finished my third book about six months ago, and after some editing (which it desperately needs), I should be thinking about what I want to write next.

But for some reason, I just haven’t had a project that has stood out to me. Since one of my project ideas fell through, I have to start looking into what I want to devote so much time and effort to. When you write historical fiction, not only do you have the actually writing to do, but you also have to do so much research–often several months’ worth.

It’s a little disconcerting, but I am taking a little bit of time to think about a project that I really want to write on and that I really care about. Taking some time to graduate and relax for a little bit has made a huge difference. And I know that once I am ready, I will come up with something.

Have you ever felt stagnated with a project you have? Or you don’t know what to write about? How do you fix it?



2 thoughts on “When You Don’t Have a Project…

  1. I was going through this for awhile except I had a project I was working on. I had finished my first novel and wanted to finish a novel I started but never finished. What stopped me is that I wanted to focus on publishing my first novel. So now I’m self-publishing it and when I’m done final edits I’ll be able to think about writing another novel.

    I think the important thing to remember is to never force yourself to write or some up with a story. You should just do whatever makes you feel good.

    • I agree. I think there are times when you just need to sit down and finish a project, but I don’t think you can rushing the creating part of the process. You have to feel comfortable with a solid idea before you start.

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