25 Before 25

1. Have three books published.

2. Get into a school I love.

3. Live in a place I love with a job I love.

4. Live in a foreign country for a year.

5. Get a tattoo. (A small one!)

6. See three places I’ve always wanted.

7. Learn Spanish.

8. Do something crazy that no one would expect.

9. Do something entirely selfless for someone else.

10. Road trip across the states with some friends.

11. See a concert that changes my life.

12. Allow myself to love and believe in something.

13. Own a pet named after a famous writer.

14. On one night, wear an extremely expensive gown to the opera.

15. Find and fix up an apartment so it’s some place I love.

16. Look up one of my books in a famous public library.

17. Travel to some place I never thought I would.

18. Take a poetry class and have a poem published.

19. See the Olympic games.

20. Go to the Louvre Museum.

21. Go skydiving.

22. Set a record (doesn’t have to be a big one).

23. Take a day to reread all my old journals.

24. Spend one day doing whatever it is I want to do.

25. Be happy for the next five years.


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