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Shakespeare’s Lady (Guideposts/Summerside Press)

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In Shakespeare’s Lady, Emilia Bassano is one of the most dazzling ladies at court when she meets the little-known playwright William Shakespeare. Shakespeare sees the world like no one ever has before, and despite everything — his wife in Stratford-Avon, Emilia’s husband and young son, and the will of the fiery and unpredictable queen — they fall in love. But the course of true love never did run smooth, and the Virgin Queen does not take lightly to her ladies straying. These star-crossed lovers must fight for their love — and, eventually, their lives. Meanwhile, William, courting the queen’s favor for his new theater, pens some of the most memorable stories ever written, and encourages Emilia to write; he helps her compose, and eventually steals, a little bedtime story she calls A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

In the tradition of Jane Austen Ruined My Life and The Other Boleyn Girl, this is a breathtaking, emotionally rich story spun out of historical fact. From the plague-ridden streets of London to the throne room of Greenwich Court to the stage of The Globe Theater, this is a meticulously researched and gorgeously written story about grace, forgiveness, and the forbidden love between the greatest poet the world has ever known and the woman who inspired him.

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Burning Troy

Pallas believes she is a normal young girl living along the sea in Greece. It isn’t until one day that she is taken away from home, to the court of the high king, Zeus, that she realizes her right as a princess.

Choosing wisdom as her life’s goal, she receives ridicule from her sister, the beautiful and judgmental Aphrodite, and she finds love in the bright Apollo–whom she can never have.

Once she realizes that Aphrodite intends to unite Paris and Helena, Pallas must choose either to save her beloved Athens and to do what’s right, or forever lose the love of her sister.

Your Most Devoted Friend, Henriette

Henriette is young and beautiful–and married to an old man. Never one to submit to something she doesn’t want to, she dresses as a man and escapes from her native France. Soon penniless and desperate, she finds the only way she can continue on her journey is by befriending the newly wealthy Casanova. He is known throughout Europe for his exploits, but he is her only hope to reach the port of Venice and to find her a boat that will take her far away.

Henriette knows the impossible must be accomplished–she must seduce Casanova. But when she finds out that he is not as wealthy as he seems, is running away from the powerful Doge in Venice, and even worse, finding she is falling in love with him, she must make a choice. Does she care about him enough to save him from death, or does she take the chance of freedom she’s always wanted?


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